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13 October 2017

In an increasingly competitive world, a strong remuneration and people strategy is key to success, and share plans can play a vital role in both. To help you benchmark your share plan design and impact, we have shared key statistics from our own customer data and the annual ProShare Share Plan Survey published in June 2017.

Sharesave insight:

  • Average monthly savings of £135 into new Grants (ProShare survey results show £127).
  • Most popular discount offered is 20% - with 70% of companies offering the maximum 20% discount on the option price (ProShare survey results: 76% of companies offer the maximum 20% discount on the option price).
  • 93% of companies make online applications available with 70% of all applications being made online. (Proshare survey results show 49% of all applications being made online).

SIP insight:

  • 54% of companies offered Matching Shares (ProShare survey results: 53%) with a 1:1 matching ratio being most popular with 32% of companies offering this (ProShare survey results: 34%)
  • 55% of companies offered Dividend Shares (ProShare survey results: 51%)

This is just a small sample of the insight we have to share, if you would like to receive a more detailed overview or to discuss specific insight we would be happy to share this with you.

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