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A range of share plan services to meet your immediate and future requirements

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  • Ongoing
  • Aftercare

Share Plan Project Management

Whether you wish to implement a new share plan or migrate an existing plan to YBS Share Plans, our dedicated team will work with you to make this happen.

Every detail is taken care of for you:

  • Devising and developing project plans surrounding all deliverables (including process re-engineering if you are transferring from another provider)
  • Research, design and development of employee communication strategies and delivery management

Employee Communication Strategies

The effective launch and ongoing communication of your share plans to employees is vital in order to gain maximum participation and ensure that your employees are well informed of the benefits. YBS Share Plans has an creative services team ready to:

  • Work with you to plan and implement the most appropriate campaign to suit your objectives
  • Produce creative, relevant and informative communications that convey information effectively

Through in-depth client knowledge and results driven analysis, your Relationship Manager makes sure that your objectives are achieved. With a track record of innovative communications, your project team:

  • Has the expertise to firmly embed the benefits of your share plans into the minds of your employees
  • Tailor your communications programme and the channels of communication ensuring that employees are reached by the most effective and preferred method of communication and delivery.

Service Execution

Consistently high quality service is crucial to our continued growth and development. We seek long-term business relationships with our clients and this can only come about through making exceptional customer service our first priority. Our business model is based on our:

  • Unique management of both options and cash on one platform
  • Ability to adapt quickly to the changing needs of our clients

We have the infrastructure and technology to manage all key events and processes. The YBS Share Plans system enables our teams to deal successfully with the peaks and troughs of the share plan business.

Customer Service Contact Centre

Our Helpline is here to help your employees with their share plan queries. Your Relationship Manager works closely with the Contact Centre's management team to ensure that your plans are managed as effectively and efficiently as possible.

  • Training programmes for both new and existing representatives take place throughout the year. This ensures capacity and resources to deal with the needs of your business within agreed service standards
  • Representatives are continually assessed and monitored to ensure continuous improvement

Your feedback is important to us. Through our Customer Feedback Programme, we:

  • Obtain feedback on our service and products
  • Review comments to improve the service we deliver

Our communication management systems include functionality specifically designed to support Customer Service Contact Centre activities. These are fully integrated into workflows, letter production and contact history.

Trustee Services

Trustee Services include:

  • Holding Trust assets in safe custody
  • Facilitating purchases of shares
  • Arranging sales and the transfer of shares on behalf of employees
  • Payments to employees
  • Full maintenance of Trust records
  • HMRC returns

Share Dealing Services

We are able to offer our clients share-dealing services in conjunction with a broker entirely of your choosing, or from our preferred broker.

YBS Share Plans Services include:

  • Direct transfers to ISAs
  • Direct transfers to share dealing accounts
  • Immediate sales on maturity
  • Purchases at the current market price, using an employee's Sharesave funds (if the current market price is lower than the option price)
  • Immediate purchase and sales facilities directly from corporate nominees
  • Direct transfer to nominee

Management Information

At YBS Share Plans we have a suite of Management Information both from an operational and client perspective. Our reporting capabilities touch all aspects of service delivery, including:

  • Planning and execution
  • Product life milestone management

All this helps to protect the integrity of operations and provides tangible evidence of our excellent service delivery.

Our report suite provides up-to-date information on:

  • Shares awarded
  • Share option movements
  • Share trend analysis

Corporate Actions Management

A corporate action is a process that may bring about changes to your plan; there are a number of different types of such 'actions'. As an employee share plan administrator, YBS Share Plans have:

  • Extensive experience  supporting clients with the implications of a corporate action on their share plans
  • The knowledge and expertise to support you through the process to ensure that everything runs smoothly

To assist with any corporate action, we are able to:

  • Offer guidance on employee communications surrounding the corporate action
  • Work with corporate advisors to agree solutions regarding any processes or adjustments required
  • Support you with administration and processing
  • Work with other third parties where necessary to offer solutions

Glossary of Terms

  • Award
  • Capital Gains Tax (CGT)
  • Dividend
  • Employee Benefit Trust
  • Employee Share Ownership
  • Exercise Price
  • HMRC
  • Income Tax
  • Initial Public Offering (IPO)
  • Market Value
  • Non-Tax Advantaged Share Plan
  • Schedule 2 SIP
  • Schedule 3 SAYE Option Scheme
  • Share Appreciation Right (SAR)
  • Share Option
  • Tax Advantaged Share Plan


A general term covering the grant of a share based benefit to an employee under a plan.

Capital Gains Tax (CGT)

A form of tax incurred upon the disposal of an asset where a capital gain has been realised (where the gain exceeds the annual CGT allowance, go to

Typically paid twice a year as a fixed amount for each share held. It is a share of a company's net profits distributed by the company to its shareholders.

Employee Benefit Trust
A trust established by a company to hold shares and/or other assets, including cash to be used to satisfy awards made to employees.

Employee Share Ownership Plan
Used to describe a wide variety of share plans used by UK companies to reward employees.

Exercise Price
The price per share that the holder of an option must pay to exercise the option. This is typically market value; nevertheless, it may be a Discounted Option Price (up to a maximum of 20% discount can be made at the companies discretion).

Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is the UK's tax authority.

Income Tax
A tax levied upon the income of individuals or entities.

Initial Public Offering (IPO)
When a company issues public stock for the first time.

Market Value
If the shares are listed, the average of mid-market prices. Broadly the price a purchaser would have to pay to acquire the share.

Non-Tax Advantaged Share Plan
This type of share plan does not carry any tax relief.

Share Appreciation Right (SAR)
An arrangement similar to a share option but where the participant is entitled to receive the increase in value (between grant and exercise), typically paid in cash rather than the ability to exercise the option.

Share Option
A right to buy a share at some time in the future at a price specified at the outset (the Exercise Price, Option Price or Subscription Price).

Tax Advantaged Share Plan
Following changes introduced on 6 April 2014, companies no longer have to obtain approval from HMRC before operating a plan, they are now required to provide notification to HMRC and self certify that the plan meets certain legislative conditions to qualify for the tax advantaged status.

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