Enhancing our customer experience

Doing everything we can to enhance our customer experience

Our aim is to be simply brilliant at share plans. That’s why we’re passionate about using customer feedback to enhance the customer experience we deliver.

We have a number of different customer satisfaction metrics that provide valuable insight into what our customers are thinking and feeling. Net Promoter Score ® (NPS) is central to this. We use four different surveys to collect NPS: Participants; Client; Call Centre; Online Transactional.

This feedback helps us track the performance of our front line service across all our channels. Any areas that are unclear to customers can then be amended in real time.

What is NPS (“Net Promotor Score ®”)?

NPS is a measure of customer advocacy towards a brand used widely within the services industry and records on a scale of 0-10 how likely it is a customer will recommend our services to a colleague.

Depending on their response to that question a customer is considered one of the following:-

  • Detractor
  • Passive
  • Promotor